Treatments available

Routine treatments


Full podiatric treatment - including nail care, Verrucas, corns, callus and hard skin reduction, and finishing with a relaxing foot massage if desired- £27 (discount available for return visits within 6 months)

Single treatment - for the management of one specific podiatric problem that does not require you to have a full treatment, for example a corn between the toes. Also very helpful for between normal visits for full treatments - £17 (please note, this service only available after an initial consultation/full treatment)

Cracked heel treatment - we are proud to offer a revolutionary treatment for painful cracked heels, LIQUI HEEL - instant pain relief and protection whilst the area heals. Available as an added extra to your treatment - £10 charge

Deluxe pedicure treatment - a full chiropody treatment, followed by a relaxing pedicure (1 hour duration)- £44

Please note, all first time clients will need to undergo an initial assessment and medical history taking during their first appointment.